We believe in building young disciples. They learn about living in the world and not of the world. We believe and teach our youth that they are not the future of the church, but that they are the church.
If you’re looking for a group to get engaged in, we would love for you to join! We always have events going on and things to do! We believe in the importance of the fellowship of believers and creating lasting friendships with other women to uplift us in the faith as we grow in the Lord together!
Our children’s ministry here believes in investing into the young people of our community, teaching them about the amazing love of Christ, and how to navigate everyday life as a young believer of Christ.
Our Men’s Ministry is a great opportunity for men to gather and learn about the Lord, and how to the man God has called you to be, while building lasting friendships to uplift you in your faith.
We believe in the importance of fellowship and personal relationships with other believers, and growing together as a body of Christ. We have multiple locations for each group, and we meet together to study the word and learn more about Christ together.
This group is not for any specific addictions, it is simply a gathering of people who are overcoming something in their life, using scripture and accountability of group fellowship to overcome them through Christ.