Next Step

Attend a Next Step

Next Step meetings are the place for anyone new or looking to learn more about LBC. We know that finding your way around a new church can be overwhelming at first. At a Next Step meeting, you will be able to learn more about the direction God is taking our church, meet others who may also be new to LBC, or going through the process to serve and to get connected.

When and where?

First Sunday of each month at 2pm!
Classes are held at the church.

What to expect?

Around a 1.5 hour meeting covering the background & non-negotiables of LBC.

Who leads them?

These meetings are elder led. One of the six elders will walk you through it.

Will I become a member?

Yes! If you fill out the commitment form at the completion of the class.

Next Step Classes Are For:


If you are new to LBC and are looking for a place to start, Next Step is the place to begin! These meetings are designed to answer your questions about our church, help you find your place, and make LBC feel like home.


At Next Step, you can go beyond attending on Sundays alone. Find out more information about opportunities to serve, how to connect with others in our church, and how to take the next steps in your walk with Jesus.


We recognize that those seeking to join have walked various life paths leading them to this point. Because many new members come from different faith backgrounds or little to no faith background, we have created Next Step class. In order to serve in one of our ministries we ask that you become a member of LBC.

We'd love for you to join us!

At Next Step, you can expect a relaxed, fun environment where people will be excited to get to know you. In addition to teaching you a little about our church, we want this to be a place for you to get to know others.