We believe in one God the Father, Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

             Lingleville Baptist Church is just a little church on a hill where Lord is moving
             in a mighty way. We believe in stepping away from “Sunday morning
            Christianity” and embracing a real desire for gospel living. Come as you are
            and experience what is happening here at Lingleville Baptist Church!
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Dive into the word of God with  Pastor Ryan’s recent sermons. It is our goal to share the good news of Jesus Christ in the everyday world. Help us charge the gates of Hell with our loaded squirt guns. We invite you into our church home, wherever you are, through our video sermons.  



There is ALWAYS something going on at Lingleville Baptist Church! Whether you’re looking for a bible study, a live nativity scene, or simply our Sunday worship service, You can find all of our upcoming events here. Our doors are open to everyone, so come on out and join us.



Sunday school isn’t just for the kids anymore!  We’ve got small groups every Sunday morning.  There are many fellowship to get plugged in with the community. We have classes for nursery, youth, college students, young adults, middle aged and more.



--- Our Pastor


Hey there! I’m Ryan Hurt, Pastor at Lingleville Baptist Church.  I grew up in Grandview, TX. I was raised in the church, but left a prodigal out of high school, pursuing a country music career until a drunk driving accident in 2003 awoke me to the “pig pen” (Luke 15) I had found myself in.  It was then that I started my journey back to what had been instilled in me.
I was mentored by Daniel Hancock, who showed me the Gospel in a light I had never seen before. I vowed to tell everyone that crossed my path of this amazing Gospel that saves and gives so much hope.
In June 2015 I was called to lead Lingleville Baptist Church as their Pastor.



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---Upcoming Events


Sunday School

 Sunday’s at 9:45am
 Lingleville Baptist Church               21543 FM 219, Dublin, TX 76446



Sunday Morning Worship Services

 Sunday’s at 8:30am and 11am
 Lingleville Baptist Church               21543 FM 219, Dublin, TX 76446



Valentines Banquet 

 February 25th 
 Lingleville Baptist Church               21543 FM 219, Dublin, TX 76446



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Religion VS Reformation

In the recent election a survey was conducted and the question was ” are you a born again believer”… Over 70% of America answered YES to this question. As much as I want to love this stat there is NO way this is to be true. It also went on to say that every president since Carter has been a “born again” believer. Again as much as I love that stat, ou …


40 Days with Jesus – Part 1

So last Sunday began our first look into the 40 days with Jesus series that will be leading up to Easter in April. Like everything here I have felt strongly led to do everything in my power to get underneath the “cutesy” side of Christianity and into seeing Jesus for who he truly is. I believe with all my heart when we get a glimpse of the risen savior, wh …


But God… That’s not what I wanted to talk on!

It’s so funny how God works and you would think by now I would have earned that any time I desire to take the reigns from an all sovereign God, it will never end well! Thank GOD for his amazing grace and for always dealing with my stubbornness and granting mercy in my continuing picking up the pieces after disobedience! That being said last week was yet anot …





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Parable of the Wicked Tenants

by Ryan Hurt



by Ryan Hurt

Grab the Rope!

by Ryan Hurt

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