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Maybe you’re in a season of goodness and you are praising Him because you are grateful. Or maybe it’s because you’re in a hard season and you need these songs as your weapon to combat the lies and attacks of the enemy. Either way, we're glad you are here.

Hear from Haylee
Hear from Haylee

“I’ve been overwhelmed by the faithfulness of the Lord. He
has been graciously answering the prayers and requests that I’ve been laying before Him and it’s been so exciting to watch the Lord usher our time of worship and our team into a season of newness.

One thing specifically that I would like us all to continue to pray into and meditate on for the coming months here at LBC is “Why do I worship?” Why do YOU worship? What is the
motivation behind your praise?”

Here's this week's set list!

Each week our worship team edits this set list so you can prepare your hearts and worship at home. We allow everything we do to be inspired by the Holy Spirit.

Worship Team's Full Playlist

Do you catch yourself singing or humming worship songs from Sunday all week long and not know the name of them? Check out our playlist of songs we often sing on stage.

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