Mission of the Month

We here at LBC follow the teachings of God in Matthew 28:19-20, where He tells us to go and make disciples, to share His grace and love with everyone. We believe by investing our resources and abilities into a specific mission each month, we can greatly support the outreach and teaching of the Gospel to those in need.
The 4th week of every month, we take up a separate offering during service to be given toward the mission of that month. If you chose to give online, simply click on the green ‘GIVE’ button in the top right corner, specify “Mission”, and it will be sent toward the Mission. By giving, we are funding the resources and supplies which give Missionaries the ability to travel and outreach to the lost.
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-August 2019-
Back to School Fair is our local mission here in Lingleville, TX. For all students in LISD, K-8th Grade, we provide all of the school supplies needed for the year, a backpack, free haircuts by licensed volunteer stylists, free dental supplies, a bible and lots of games to play. We strive to show Jesus to the people right here in our community by giving back and showing God’s love to each and every one of them.