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Our goal for Church Center is to connect with you and keep you informed what is happening here at Lingleville Baptist.

What is Church Center?
What is Church Center?

Church Center by Planning Center is a church management software that Lingleville Baptist Church uses to manage the different aspects of the church life. The Church Center app and website will be available to anyone. Only members will see the private groups that require membership.

It's this easy!
It's this easy!

Download it from the App Store or from Google Play, allow the app to use your location and select Lingleville Baptist Church. After that, just follow the instructions to create your profile. Your profile may already have some of your information if you have been plugged into Planning Center in the past for check-ins, serving, or giving.

Frequently Asked Questions

Update Contact Information?

Go to your Church Center app or visit Church Center online and click your profile icon in the upper right-hand corner, click My Profile, click Edit.

Setting Up Giving Online

Below you will find an informational video. Please watch this video and proceed to this link:

Is Church Center Secure?

Church Center helps facilitate communication between the members of Lingleville Baptist Church.

When creating your Church Center profile, you will need to provide your valid phone number, email address, or both to help verify your identity.

LBC uses your phone number and email address help secure your login to Church Center. Logging in helps to ensure you get the communications that are relevant to you and also keeps sensitive communications like prayer requests limited to our members.

Non-members can also use Church Center, but the information to which they have access will be limited to only public church events, information, and general announcements.

Is Everything on Church Center Public?

Church Center contains both private and public content.

Examples of public content include general announcements, signups, and public meetings and events on our church-wide calendar. Public information is available for anyone to view.

Examples of private content include LBC’s group information such as addresses and phone numbers. This private content is only available to group members who have logged in to Church Center.

Contact Info Shared Publicly?

Your contact information (phone and email) is not available to the public through Church Center. It is stored in a private database.

Members of some church groups will be able to see each other’s contact information (phone and email) in order to facilitate communication between group members. .

If you have questions regarding your contact information, please email at

Is My Sensitive Information Protected?

Planning Center and Church Center use encryption, coding best practices, data centers, and 3rd party validation to protect personal information within Church Center. Please read their Terms and Privacy for more information.

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