Living With a Purpose and a Plan

Why do we do the things that we do? Why does it matter how we live our lives? It’s easy to doubt your motives when they aren’t focused on Christ. It’s even easier to doubt your purpose on earth. This past Sunday, Ryan uncovered what scripture says about our purpose and what our motive should be. The most common obstacle that keeps us from living with a purpose is feeling inadequate, or unworthy. All of us, at some point, have felt like we weren’t good enough, or that there is no way God could use us. So often we let our insecurities and our pasts prohibit us from moving forward with our lives. We hold on to our doubts, and we convince ourselves that God is done with us. With this mindset, it becomes easy to just play church, to live out of routine instead of passion for the Lord. Ryan quoted Psalm 139 to disprove this mindset that we often have. It says that God knitted us together in our mother’s womb, that He had a plan for our lives before we were even created! We are all given talents, passions, and purposes. He makes everything for His glory, including you. You were created to live for Christ and bring glory to His kingdom. As Ryan said, if you have a heartbeat and breath in your lungs, God is not done using you! You think He is scared of your past or your insecurities? Please… Ryan read a quote from James Henry that said, “You were given a life because God had a dream for you; Individually, specifically by name. You were no accident. God willed you into existence and not only gave you life, but He also invested you with a promise and potential. Within you is the opportunity to join a Holy God in fulfilling the great adventure birthing you in His mind for you from eternity.” God specializes is using ordinary, messed up people for His glory. Peter literally denied Jesus three times, and God still used Peter to make a huge impact for His kingdom. Paul saw Stephen be stoned to death for proclaiming Jesus, and he said (in the fine words of Ryan), “I want what he’s smoking.” Every generation of the church has passed the ‘baton’ down to the next one. That means we have been gifted with the opportunity to use the breath in our lungs to proclaim Christ to a dark and dying world. That is our purpose!! Whenever you question your worth, just remember that you have been given the opportunity by God himself to continue His kingdom work that has been passed on since Jesus’ resurrection! It’s SO much more than attendance numbers, routines, church outfits and lesson plans. If we want to live with a plan and purpose, we must first overcome the hurdle of religious routines. We are His disciples, called out of darkness to sing a glorious praise to the Lord, sharing the Good News with everyone. If we want to live with a plan and purpose, we must first overcome the hurdle of religious routines.

Make sure to tune in to the full sermon video to hear Ryan’s plans for LBC and where he feels the Lord is leading us in the upcoming year! Blessings!

-Kinley Hurt